The Housing Market Right Now

Right now the housing market has been through the roof!

2012 was actually the bottom of the housing market and since then it has been the third fastest growth in housing markets ever!

If you are someone who is thinking about buying or selling, it's important to know these simple guidelines.



Here Are 3 Practical Guidelines For TheHousing Market Today:


1. If Your Home Is Valued Over $500,000 You Need To Rethink Moving

Homes valued over $500K are actually stagnant and sitting for a long time. Don't just assume every home is moving quickly right now because the data is proving that to be true of homes under the $500,000 threshold.


2. If You Are Looking To Move (Fairly) Laterally You Will See A Wash

You may sell for 10% more and buy for 10% more. When that happens if you are moving up in the quality of your home, you may lose a little bit. But that is fairly normal as you move up and the home market fluctuates.


3. If You Are Looking To Buy Your First Home Or A Second Home... You Need To Wait

If you have the option of waiting, I would strongly suggest you give it time. Most experts agree there is no way this growth can be sustained. You really can win if you can wait a year or two.



Remember: One Advantage In All Situations Is You Can Grab Very Low-Interest Rates! (it's Just one factor to consider.)


Now, What Are You Going To Do Next?

The answer isn't always as black and white as the situations laid out above. 

If you still need clarity. Our team can offer practical advice and share our thoughts on all the factors that need to contribute to your decision.