The ONLY TIME Incentives Are Amazing For Your Financial Growth

The key word is INCENTIVES.

Most of us like incentivized based production. Incentives aren't a problem when you know exactly what they are.


The problem is, when you are meeting with a bank, an advisor, or an investment firm, you don't know their incentives. 


How can you know if you are receiving unbiased advice? Or is that advice being driven by sales incentives?

Answer: The Fiduciary Rule. (We've talked about the Fiduciary Rule, the laws around it and how to chose an advisor before... remember?)


The bad news is it isn't fully in place yet... still.


The fiduciary rule requires advisors to honestly disclose if they have your best interest in mind or if they are thinking about meeting their sales goal and going to Maui.

Maui sounds nice. But, I want you to be there and not your advisor.

More Than Money Is A Fiduciary & Has Incentives Focused On Your Success!


Incentives are everywhere. Which isn't a bad thing. In this case, they're an amazing thing.

At More Than Money, we build our incentives to match your incentives.

You pay a flat fee to work with our team.


When your account goes up, we make more money.

If you're account goes down, we get paid less.


If you leave, we don't get paid anymore. (But, you can still stay on our email list and get free advice.)


We build our incentives to encourage our team to help you grow your wealth. We work hard to be sure your financial portfolio is growing... we have families to provide for too.


Let's have a discussion about how our team can grow your finances.