The Payoff of Knowing Your Gifts Now - Scott Kaufman |



Scott is the founder of, an assessment and consulting practice he started to help teens and young adults find and choose careers that fit with how they were uniquely created.

Scott has also owned an executive recruiting firm since 2002. His experience includes recruiting for national non-profits and ministries, as well as Fortune 500 companies, and smaller companies that are leaders their respective sectors.

Scott is married to his high school sweetheart.  They have a son and daughter in college that are eager to launch their own careers.  Outside of family Scott’s interests include helping non-profit ministries expand their impact, tennis, hiking with his dog, and reading.  Scott graduated with a business degree from the University of Georgia. 


In this podcast interview, you will hear:

  • How to properly guide young adults to live within their strengths.
  • The dramatic cultural shifts occurring in education and work.
  • How instrumental the right guidance can be in young adults most pivotal years.
  • The thoughtful process that goes into assessing giftedness.
  • Why recognizing young adults' passions early still holds immense value even before they are college or career ready.
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Interview Highlights

  • The Cultural Shift Happening Around Higher Education Today (Listen in at 8:20)
  • How Scott Helped Young People The Best Careers to Choose Before Crisis (Listen in at +14:00)
  • Personal Assessments Re-Imagined (Listen in at 28:00)

  • Chris Becomes A Live Case Study of Natural Strengths/Abilities  (Listen in at 32:00)

  • The Honest Consideration of Candidates Today and The Dramatic Changes (Listen in at 38:50)

  • Understanding Your Designed Strengths  (Listen in at 1:01:00)

  • Chris' Two Favorite Interview Questions  (Listen in at 1:05:00)


“In my own academic and career pursuits, I made some very uninformed decisions.  I also tried following the advice of well-meaning people that didn’t understand my real strengths and weaknesses.  

As a result, I wasted a lot of time and effort early in my career.  I am driven to help today’s students avoid the mistakes I made.”



This Interview Is Part of Our More Than Money Conversation Series

We are financial planners, but we don't believe money will solve the issues people often believe it will. Put simply: More money isn't the best answer to a fulfilling life.

While we are absolutely interested in the financial success of our clients and growing their wealth, we believe we have failed as an organization if we have not equally led them to a more fulfilled life.

We invited Scott to the podcast as we know summers are a time of planning and life change for many young adults. Whether you are entering the workforce, preparing for college, or soon to embark on being an upperclassman. We hope young adults and parents are challenged to better evaluate their giftedness to create a life of fulfillment.

More Than Money believes "Living for more" addresses conversations around a "better quality of life".

It is one of the greatest joys of our business to meet with clients, hear their dreams, and then see them live out a plan to achieve their goals.

We are More Than Money because we believe in you enjoying your life AND growing your wealth.

We hope this interview challenges you to properly value your or your children's strengths rather than the assumed next steps based on culture or a "feeling."


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We love to talk to others who believe in a leading people to #LiveWithMore and #LiveForMore.


Thank you so much for your time and insight, Scott!