The Stress-Free Solution To Getting Your Money in a Strong Place

There is a different way to approach finances. It's what motivates us to meet with clients.

You have to have control of your finances to have control of your life.


Where You Start Is Important.

Start By Identifying What Matters Most To You


For me, it's my family. It's investing in them and shaping who they become.


The reason we talk about finances isn't so you can get the highest return on your bank accounts.

Money is a tool towards the life you want.

The life you want may be, like me, more time with your family, more traveling, more rest.


A lot of life is full of conflict, and much of the stress comes from finances.

I get this. It's my story too. When I was first married, my wife became very sick, to the point of where she nearly passed away.



We bounced from doctor to doctor with medical bills stacking up against us as we felt like everything was falling apart. The amount of stress was the hardest thing we've experienced. I felt crippled by a job in a non-profit not being able to bring in enough money.

It felt like nothing was ever enough.

If you are living in stress, or anxiety and not able to live the life you want, I get it.

That's why I started and believe in More than Money.

When I meet with people, my goal isn't to make them feel irresponsible or unprepared.

My goal is to provide clarity and confidence for your financial world. I do this through understanding your goals and what matters to you, then building a plan that is custom made for your specific circumstances.


I don't want to lecture you.

Because when I was in the midst of financial stress, I was my toughest critic. You likely are being hard on yourself already. You need help, not discipline.

I want to help you feel confident about where you are going.


If You Feel Stressed About Meeting With An Advisor, You Need To Meet With An Advisor Who Truly Cares

No matter where you are, the first step towards getting rid of financial stress is finding the solution that works for you.

I know you are tired of being anxious and the other side of hardship holds a great deal of freedom.


I can come alongside you.

If you are feeling stress that stems from your finances, know there is a solution. Let us help you build that solution, stopping the stress for once and for all. Life is about more than the stress you are feeling. Life is more than money.


My favorite part of what I do is helping people build confidence for their future, which brings peace of mind for today.


The Stress-Free Solution Is Waiting For You