4/3 - This Week's Financial Tip & Advice (Warning: Speedometer Metaphor Inside - Sorry Atlanta)

The last few weeks we’ve seen what I call “micro-volatility.”

It’s like the roller coasters they build for little kids - there's some movement, but not enough to justify two hours in line. 

The market is waiting on the “next big headline” to move significantly one way or the other, and that means you and I have an opportunity to evaluate our position before any major change hits!

This week's financial tip: Take 10 minutes today, find the password for your benefits website, and look at your 401k.


How are you invested?

Double check what percentage of your money is in stocks - they should give you a pie graph that lets you see exactly how your investments break down.

Remember that your stock percentage is like a speedometer in your car - the higher it is, the faster you’re going! And the more painful the accident if we see a market correction.

The key is this - Don’t wait for the next news cycle to make a change!

Be proactive and make sure you’re comfortable with that speed today.