[Exclusive] Ty's Story - Adoption, More Adoption And Now Electrocution

Meet Ty Bryant - Father to 7, Vice President of Promise 686, and former owner of a pony named "Princess." 

Ty has devoted his life to fixing Georgia's overwhelmed foster care system. We wanted to know why.

Ty was working his way up the corporate ladder, but he couldn't shake the feeling that he was built for more than management - he wanted to change the lives of kids and families.

As an adopted child himself, he understood the lasting impact of safe communities on a child's health. 

So he took a leap - he left his comfortable salary and stock options and took a part time job pastoring students at a church (and doing odd jobs to make ends meet on the side). It seemed a little crazy at the time, but now thousands of kids in Georgia are being impacted because he chose the "road less traveled."  

Hear his story. Share it. And be a part of the impact he's having by clicking the link below:

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