What Good Financial Advice Should Really Cost You

What should you have to pay for a good financial advisor?

As I was getting my haircut, I spoke with my hairdresser who had no idea she was being taken advantage of by her financial advisor. Not only was she being taken advantage of, but she was paying them too much for faulty services! And, that was just the beginning...

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You shouldn't be paying more than 1% for someone to manage your money!


If you are paying more than that, it's time to do some adviser shopping! 

Getting financial help feels like going to the mechanic for a noise under your hood. It's the unknown. 

Who can you trust? How can anyone know the standard rate?

This hard-working woman was getting taken advantage of living in this seemingly unknown AND THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY!



You work hard. Don't let your hard work, and ultimately your money, go to waste.

You don't have to let More than Money guide you to financial peace. There are other great financial advisors in Atlanta who I see take great care of their clients.

Choose A Financial advisor that is the right fit for you, cares about your dreams, and won't allow you to simply hand over your hard-earned money.

My hairdresser is an amazing woman, and I've never left a haircut more mad than when she began to describe her experience with her financial advisor... 

Please don't let someone take advantage of you.


If you're living in the unknown or if you feel you may be being taken advantage of, let me help. 

I'd be happy to look into your situation and give you my unbiased advice.