When Do Breaking Records Really Matter To Personal Finances?

What does it mean for your personal finances when the market breaks another record? It seems like we keep hearing of MASSIVE record-breaking success. When should you care?

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Another Breaking Record... So, Now What?

When the market breaks a record all it means is we've reached a new high, but...

All that should matter to you is where you started.


If the market breaks a record and you jump in today. Today is your zero. Tomorrow's new "record" will affect your growth. 


The record breaking news simply means the three major indexes used to measure the market are going up.



Be Careful - Here's The Biggest Threat With These Records


There is a massive danger with the market going up so much is that it can give us a sense we should be more aggressive.


If we looked back at the years of market records, you would laugh.


The last year before 2013 to break major records was 2007 - right before the crash.


I'm not saying everything is about to drop, but I am recommending that you invest as if the market crash is going to be tomorrow!

I meet with so many people that live with so much anxiety as they try to time being aggressive and worry about the constant market drop.


If you have an investment portfolio that plans for the worst, you have a plan that can handle another record-breaking day and a tragic market crash. There is incredible peace in that.


When you meet with our team, we focus on building a plan that is ready for great things and can endure a drop so that you don't lose more than you can afford.


If confidence and peace are something you want. I invite you to ask a question or schedule a time to meet together.