You Decide: Huge Gain Or Devastating Loss At The Next Drop?

Knowing the difference between the market doing well and the market being up can mean additional years of your life spent working for retirement rather than enjoying the life you dream of.

Do you know the distinction between the two? You will after listening.



A lot of people are out of touch with the reality of the level of risk in their portfolio.

Get the truth.


Because the market has been up for so many years, people wrongly assume they aren't facing a huge danger! Recently, everyone's portfolios are doing well, but the difference will be who is prepared when the next market drop hits.

We've been brainwashed by the success of the market, leading us to think our accounts must not be exposed to too much risk. 

It's an easy trap to believe... but don't be tricked!


It's similar to saying the weather is doing well because it's sunny today!



Do you hear how crazy that sounds!?!? 

But, friends, so many of you are saying these types of statements about your investments and your personal finances. Yet, you don't understand how to be prepared for the changing seasons.


Everyone Has Had Big Success Recently, But Likely Only A Few Will Be Really Ready For The Next Market Drop


Since the low point from 2009 until today, the market is up 250%.


So, is the market good?

Let me share Bill's story with you because too many people are like Bill... 

Meet Bill.

It's 2007 and Bill is feeling amazingly confident.

Bill didn't recognize the amount of risk he was carrying, but his financial portfolio had been growing. In 2008, when the market dropped, he lost 50% of his wealth.

Bill had $200,000 and $100,000 was gone.


So, with only $100,000 left, Bill had a decision to make, much like many of you did ten years ago.


What Bill did -- and didn't do -- is incredibly important to learn from.


Bill didn't do anything.

He wisely left that $100,000 alone and today he has over $500,000.

Let me repeat... Bill didn't do anything.

He is still facing the same level of risk and exposure and would actually lose even more if the market drops again! This time even closer to retirement!!!

Everybody loves to see your account go up, but many people desperately need to adjust their situation to a level of risk they are comfortable with.

If you're getting close to retirement... you have to adjust your risk. Thankfully we haven't seen a drop yet... But, friend, it is coming and your situation can benefit from it greatly or it could be devastating.


It all depends on your goals and your situation.


If the market drops, it isn't bad. Many of you (those not within ten years of retirement) actually have an exceptional chance to buy investments on sale!!!!


So, when is the last time you adjusted your financial portfolio?


The market is up, but it isn't well. A new season is coming and you have to be ready to experience the drop.

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