You don't have to be a seller to come out ahead in a seller's market

Every client I meet with wants to know about the stability of their home value. In the last year or two, some of us foolishly assume that home values will keep on trucking based on historical trends. 

We're going to delve into the housing market and discuss scenarios for every homeowner and aspiring homeowner. 

Since 2012, which was the bottom of the housing market, we’ve seen home values explode and have been in the third fastest growing home value environment that’s ever been tracked.

Many people that I talk with bought their homes in the early to mid-aughts, before the housing market bust and financial crisis, and saw a massive reduction in their home value. But those who stuck with it have seen a massive rebound. A few years ago, it was the norm for people to be underwater on their home mortgages. But now...

It’s a seller's market

Proof positive: I live in Atlanta and when a house goes on the market—much to the delight of sellers—offers over asking price immediately flood in. 

But what about buyers? 

Now we're at an impasse. There's a shortage of houses because developers were slowed by the recession, but the housing demand is stronger than ever. Sharing a simple economic principle: prices soar anytime there’s a supply shortage and high demand.

i heard it THROUGH the grapevine


Those connected in the industry—real estate agents and mortgage brokers—have told me that the white-hot housing market is cooling off. With rumors in one ear, I looked to data to substantiate the rumblings because I'm a numbers-driven guy and I found out: 

  • Home prices have slowed for the last three months;
  • Sales of homes have been down for four months now;
  • Annualized homes sales have been dropping month after month,

Wash that all down with the fact that the Federal Reserve keeps raising interest rates!  

That means for all of you who got rock bottom mortgages rates, rates are now creeping up and the trend is beginning to change.

Here's What it means for you and your situation

  • If you’re young and a first time home buyer: the next few months of continued low mortgage rates and low prices look to be your window to buy.
  • If you stepped away from homeownership and are looking to return: now’s your moment for reentry.
  • If you’re currently in a starter home and looking to expand: you might not get as much money on the sale of your home, but it’s far better to have a better price on the more expensive home.
  • If you’re an empty nester and looking to downsize: this news should concern you. If you’ve been toying with the idea of selling, maybe it’s something to consider in the short term.

before you make a move, partner with a realtor who truly knows their business

Really dig in and interview them! Hit 'em with questions about how they foresee the shifting market, their neighborhood knowledge and how they’re going to fairly (and competitively price) your home.

We know that realtors work on commission, similar to suitability structured financial advisories, so partner with a professional who sees you for the human you are and not just dollar signs.

we'll ride out the wave with you

We're just a phone call away to remind you that homes, like stocks, are long-term investments and values ebb and flow over the years. When things go south, I know it’s hard but don’t lose faith or sight of the cycle because what goes down will always go up.