Your Financial Advisor Is Really A Salesman & You Need To Run

Warning: An annuity salesman can appear to look and function like a complete financial advisor, leaving you walking away with a false sense of confidence. 

You deserve to be mad.

Listen to what I SHARED ON ATLANTA'S NEWS RADIO 106.7 and see how to stop being sold products and get real, complete financial advice.



Are You Saying "Buying Annuities Is A Red Flag?"

No. Annuities are just products from insurance companies focused on providing income. Annuities are actually valuable components of a long-term financial plan because they offer guaranteed income. 

Buying annuities isn't bad.

But they are only ONE TOOL to creating your complete financial plan... which brings us to the real problem.

  This is a villainous-looking "financial advisor." Feel free to imagine this guy as your deceptive "sales man."

This is a villainous-looking "financial advisor." Feel free to imagine this guy as your deceptive "sales man."


Here's the Problem You Could Be Facing


There are too many "advisors" who appear unbiased but just sell one or two products... 
So, how can you tell the good from the bad?


How To Test If Your "Financial Advisor" Is A Salesman


1. Watch for Their Tendencies

Observe if your "advisor" keeps pushing you to one product. When tendencies arise there should be a red flag. 

Whose financial future are they looking out for?


2. Be (Uncomfortably) Bold

Two upfront questions will tell you everything you need to know, and are not rude to ask. You deserve to know and understand these answers.


First ask, "How are you licensed?"

Then ask, "What percentage of your income came from annuity sales last year?"



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