Your Questions Answered - 529 Accounts, Financial Gray, Establishing Credit for Your Children, & Top News Sources

We are bringing back the "Lightning Round." Every week we answer so many great financial questions that are sent in online or brought up in conversations.

There are four topics we heard over the past week that make this episode of the show. Listen in to hear how we answered them. We hope you find this advice helpful if you've thought similar questions.

Find The Financial Advice You Want

Listen in at 2:29 For 529 Accounts.

Jess asks about 529 accounts and the best way to save for her one-year-old daughter's college.


Listen in at 7:39 for the "Financial Gray"

A listener named Chris asks Chris Burns if he has a money pet peeve. Chris shares his thoughts on having black and white thoughts around financial planning, and his passion for educating people on how specific situations demand custom plans. Living in the "financial gray" is often a better-charted course of action.


Listen in at 9:50 for Children's Credit Advice

How and when do you establish good credit for your children? When is it the best time to start?


Listen in at 13:28 for Trusted Financial Resources 

Where should you go to stay on top of the financial news? What are some good trusted resources? Chris shares some of his favorite websites to frequent.