Your Wealth Could Be Suddenly Impacted by Big News In Great Britain

A lot has happened in the global economy over the past week.

The U.K.'s vote to leave the European Union can drastically impact the U.S. economic market.

There are two clear takeaways you can apply after we break down all that has happened in this week's global economy.

The Exit of Brexit? It's To Be Seen...

Brexit, the declaration of Great Britain to leave the European Union, was changing the established order. And even though the vote for Great Britain to leave happened, the negotiations haven't happened yet.

Theresa May, the Prime Minster of Great Britain wanted to be in the strongest position possible heading into negotiations. 

Spoiler alert: that didn't happen.


All of the experts predicted Theresa May would win in a landslide! They called her party to pick up more seats in parliament, and she would enjoy a win by a margin of 20%.

But, what actually happened was quite the opposite.

Theresa May's party lost seats and she may not even continue to be the Prime Minister.

Now, what does this mean for Brexit and the future of its global economic ripples?


What we know is there is a lot we don't know.


2 Things Anyone Can Learn From This Week's Headline Financial News - Listen Up!


There is uncertainty in the market, and there will likely be volatility. Is your financial plan ready for jumps and drops? Do you know how you will respond?


1. You have to expect volatility in the market.


2. You have to stop trusting expert predictions.



Do you remember what the experts predicted about Brexit? Trump? Theresa May?

Let me remind you -- Wrong. Wrong. And, wrong again.




Friends, please learn the lesson now. Let these headlines teach you that you can't find someone to correctly predict what is coming up. No one knows what is going to happen in the market.

If no one knows what is going to come, how can you effectively plan?


It's been proven time and time again that don't win by predicting correctly, you win by planning well.


A good plan is built with one thing in mind: the worst.

When you plan to endure the worse market drop, a significant life change, or unplanned devastation -- you are confident that nothing will stop you from reaching the future.


Has your life been exactly what you thought it would be? Life is constantly changing. Your plan has to be built to handle change. 


Please create a plan that can handle life rather than solely trusting an expert forecaster.


I'd love to sit down together and gift you a free financial consultation. Show you how much risk you need to embrace and where to invest so that no drop slows you down from living the life of your dreams.