Most people choose their advisor based on a mutual connection or a big-name, but this could hurt your financial future.


Our Approach To Life & Finances

We partner with our clients to build a strong foundation, properly assess their risk tolerance, and consistently monitor their progress.

If being a More Than Money client only meant that you would reach your financial goals, it would be worth it. However, the key is that it leads to enjoying a better quality of life through a comprehensive financial plan.

As a More Than Money partner you receive: 

  • a personally-tailored financial plan.
  • access to a wide-variety of financial products and tools.
  • ongoing monitoring and assessment.
  • a team to surround you with consistent progress evaluations.
  • technology to predict your financial future.
  • daily emails packed with top financial news.
  • invaluable peace of mind to live your life.

More Than Money combines incredible software that can dynamically adjust thousands of economic data points with what you value most in your future and assign a team that has studied financial strategies to build a comprehensive plan that fits YOU.