My Goal is to Help You Realize & Live Your Passion


it all changed when Chris REALIZEd THAT most people would not reach their Life's DREAMS unless they changed how they approached financial planning.


As a former youth pastor, Chris frequently heard young people’s stories and dreams. In his early career while working for a financial services company, Chris saw first-hand that traditional planning wasn't going to work anymore. He couldn't allow people to buy insurance or a 401(k) and believe it would bring them all of their dreams like Luke Skywalker using the force (remember, serious nerd). 

It was time to offer financial planning that went beyond simple product solutions.


Meaningful financial planning is focused on a holistic approach to your entire financial world. We start with a plan, meet regularly, and make adjustments as life changes. Your insurance policies, tax strategy, investment opportunities, and even estate planning can all work together to reach your goals. The key is looking at the entire picture so no one area goes unnoticed.


Yes, I'm a nerd. But, I use my force for good.

Yes, I'm an educator. And, I want you to understand your financial life more than simply paying for a service. 

Yes, I'm busy too. I have three kids ages 3 – 14, an amazing wife, and I'm running a business. I can relate to the stress you may feel in your life. That's why I'm passionate about eliminating financial stress.

Yes, I really believe I can help. I see our approach to finances work for clients in all walks of life.

Yes, you can experience financial peace. I can help you build a strong foundation and a plan that’s made for you.




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