Life, like finances, is a journey not a destination. Could sharing your journey benefit others' quality of life?

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We have conversations about MORE THAN MONEY.

More Than Money desires to be a partner with our clients and lead them to a "better quality of life" through:

  1. Personalized comprehensive financial plans.
  2. Daily email updates and frequent client meetings.
  3. Conducting interviews with people who have something to contribute to the conversation about a "better quality of life." 

Despite your career, industry, or degree of financial prosperity you may have something valuable for our listeners to hear. We are primarily a financial podcast, but built on the belief that finances alone won't give someone the life they desire.

Can your story encourage others? Tell us how. We'd love to hear from you.

Understand The Interview Process


Ensure good fit

Step One

Whether you have applied to be interviewed, recommended by a mutual connection, or some other method, we would love to confirm you are a good fit for our brand and its values over email.

Confirm Scheduling

Step Two

Kate, and our communication team, will take the lead in aligning your schedule with Chris' recording calendar.

Conduct Pre-Interview Call

Step Three

Prior to your interview, we'll jump on a 15 minute call to learn exactly the best ways to guide the conversation and highlight the topics that matter most to you.

Record MTM Interview

Step Four

This is your time to share your story, your passion, and your journey. You'll be talking to an audience completely unaware of you as well as your strongest brand advocates.

Launch Podcast

Step Five

The week of your launch our marketing and promotion team will share a variety of creative assets. We highly encourage you to share the posts originating from the More Than Money pages as well as posting as your own content.


2 Questions Every Interview Will Address

The majority of the interview is unscripted, but we love to consistently address these two topics (explicitly or implicitly):

1. growing up what did you see modeled about finances that affects how you realte to money today? (positively or negatively)

2. What are you investing in that is giving you the most reward? (This doesn't have to be financial.)


No Interview Is the Same.


Outside of the two questions we ask every interviewee, we don't share our questions in advance to allow for a more authentic and less rehearsed conversation.

We considered many details to create the most authentic environment for our podcast listeners.

We believe in recording from the first moments of walking in the room and capturing some of the casual banter and "get-to-know-each-other" conversational oddities. Your interview likely won't start with a clear "Welcome to the More Than Money podcast" as much as it could begin with "How do you like your coffee?" and "Tell me about your weekend."

Of course Chris will prompt you with questions that give you a platform to share  how you are working towards a better quality of life and your life's journey. We often choose our interviewees based on their careers, passion, and recent ways they are bettering the lives of others.

Don't be surprised if we venture off topic. We love when conversations derail into unexpected things that excite you. We aren't afraid to let the conversation have its own life to highlight a particular topic you're passionate about even if it is seemingly small. The human side of your story is the most attractive side to listeners, so please relax and enjoy the conversation as it takes a variety of turns.

more than money Values knowing our clients well. we pursue meaningful conversations about their life, family, and goals in addition to understanding their finances. our interviews match that sentiment.

While we desire to create a comfortable environment for conversation to flow naturally, if you have a specific topic you want to address please mention it on your pre-interview call.


You're At Your Best When You're Confident.


1. Will my interview be on wsb radio?

Our interviews are typically released on our podcast and promoted on our website and social media channels. When we see a good fit, and with your permission, we will consider airing our conversation on our WSB radio show. This typically is a decision based on content, timing, and overall goals of our time together. If this is a desire you have let's address it from the beginning as radio has more restrictions than our podcast channel.

2. What can I do to best prepare?

How do you typically prepare to have a meaningful conversation about things you are passionate about? Typically, most our interview guests know their story well enough that even if they bring notes they don't refer to them.

Feel free to think through key things you want to share, but the conversation will flow naturally and we give you an open floor to share your story. 


3. When will my podcast be released?

The More Than Money Podcast releases an interview every other week amongst our standard radio show segments. Our content schedule is typically built 4-6 months in advance. Our team will communicate the proper expectations and how your interview will fit within the scheduled production.


4. Where will we record?

We would love to invite you to our office to record. We are currently between offices and working from Roam Workplace collaborative offices.


5. How Long does the recording process typically take?

The length of an interview is typically a little more than an hour. You could block off an hour and a half to two hours as we then give ourselves time to run long, and cover everything we want to without feeling stressed. If you have a time restriction, we can work with you to honor your schedule.


6. what are best practices to promotion my podcast interview?

Our marketing and promotion team will create a variety of creative assets to help you promote your interview. The week of your podcast you will receive a dropbox link that may contain everything from audio excerpts, videos, pictures, quotes, and more.

We will email your point person to market your content with the link and exact time of podcast show release so you can appropriately tease your audience and then promote the content on all of your channels. If there is a particular medium that you want to account for, just let our team know.


7. how much will the interview be edited from raw to final?

In effort to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the conversation we reduce the editing and production of the episode to focus on the introduction. If there is something said during the interview, that you or our team finds doesn't strengthen the conversation we will agree on removing it. 

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Still Have a Question? Let Us Help.

Please ask our team anything. We would love to give you the answer.