Feel confident in your plan and the steps it takes to build your future.


"Now Our days are filled with laughter, sticky fingers, and peace of mind."

As families grow, so do budgets, stress and the idea of investing well can be put lower on the totem pole as bills rise. We help clients perfect their budget, move their money, live within the right risk tolerance, and implement a plan that gives them the future they want.

When you're looking for direction there are common questions that keep you up at night: 

  • Can you afford college/weddings/family vacations?
  • Are you on the right track to retire? Could you lose it all?
  • What is the best plan for you and your family?

We'll evaluate everything to
give you the best plan.

Professional Financial Planning


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Full Budget Review

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This is Not traditional financial planning.

the industry is broken.

Here's the problem, friends: financial planning today is designed to serve the most wealthy. Many top firms only serve clients with a large amount of "assets under management." Meaning, unless you have money, you sacrifice quality of specialized planning.

More Than Money is tired of every day people being told they can't access professional planning and have a plan to reach their dreams. Chris has a passion to see everyone life their most fulfilled lives.

What We've learned along the way

this is a time of life to invest in your family and make memories.
Let's make a strong financial plan and allow you to enjoy your life.