You've worked hard. Now it's time to finish well.


"we planned to travel but, we want to afford our grandchildren joining us too."


When you're looking for direction there are common questions that keep you up at night: 

  • Am I forgetting something? Will I be okay?
  • Do I have as much?
  • What is the best plan for you and your family?

We'll be sure you're ready and
See You maximize your final working years.

Professional Financial Planning


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This is Not traditional financial planning.

the industry is broken.

Here's the problem, friends: financial planning today is designed to serve the most wealthy. Many top firms only serve clients with a large amount of "assets under management." Meaning, unless you have money, you sacrifice quality of specialized planning.

More Than Money is tired of every day people being told they can't access professional planning and have a plan to reach their dreams. Chris has a passion to see everyone life their most fulfilled lives.

What We've learned along the way

don't feel pressured to make up for lost time. these last years are vital to get right.